Our atmosphere is warm and friendly, yet refined. We believe in the traditional tavern dinner, where everyone comes together to feast. So we invite our guests to sit down, relax, and enjoy their food and conversation with family and friends. From our outdoor patio to our gas fire pit, we offer our guests both the feeling of a big city tavern, as well as rustic dishes right alongside beautiful Candlewood Lake.


Chicken Quesadillas

An oldie but goodie - marinated grilled chicken w. blended cheese sandwiched between two flour tortillas - served with a side of sour cream and salsa. Try subbing grilled pork or buffalo chicken - no extra charge. $9

Asian Beef Skewers

(5) Fresh-cut beef strips marinated in a special blend of Asian sauces and spices - grilled to perfection. $10

Super Skins

(5) Some of our home-made potato skins stuffed w. BBQ pulled pork and topped w. a three cheese blend. Sour cream served on the side. $9

Al's Back-Woods Nachos

Home-made corn chips covered w. a melted three cheese blend then loaded up w. our BBQ pulled pork. Topped w. onion, diced tomatoes, jalapeños and olives - for good measure! $9

Devil Fries

What can we say - it's goodness on a plate! A generous portion of our coated fries - mixed together in Al's medium hot sauce - topped w. chili and melted cheese. $8

Pulled Pork Empanadas

(3) Home-made pastries stuffed w. smoked BBQ pulled pork, corn, peppers, cheese - all fried to perfection and served w. our special dipping sauce. $8

Chicken Pot Stickers

(10) The perfect finger food. These Asian dumplings are filled w. Teriyaki chicken and then fried. Served w. a Thai chili dipping sauce. $8

Ragin' Cajun Quesadillas

A new twist on the norm. Marinated grilled chicken covered in our cajun dry-rub combined w. three cheeses, roasted corn and peppers, and fried  jalapeños - served w. sour cream and salsa. $10

Spinach Dip

A perfect starter that marries the perfect combination of spinach and artichoke hearts w. loads of cheese - served w. our home-made corn chips. $9

Kitchen Sink Sampler for Two

A mix of poppers, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, skewers and fried ravioli - served w. dipping sauces. $13

Pub Food

Mozzarella Sticks

(10) Mozzarella cheese battered and deep fried to a golden crisp - served w. our home-made Marinara Sauce. $7 

Flat Bread Garlic

Crispy pieces of herb-crusted flat bread sautéed in garlic butter w. even more on the side for dipping. $5

 Jalapeño Poppers

(8) Breaded Jalapeños stuffed w. cream cheese - served w. home-made salsa. $8

Fried Raviolis

(10) Bite size 3-cheese raviolis fried just right w. a side of our home-made Marinara Sauce. $8

Potato Skins

(5) Made fresh in-house filled w. chopped up smoked bacon and a mix of three cheeses, then topped w. scallions - served w. a side of sour cream. $7

Corny Corn Dogs

(15) A large portion of mini battered hotdogs served up golden brown w. a side of honey mustard dipping sauce. $7

NY Pretzels

(3) Our take on the best in bar food. Soft jumbo pretzels baked and then heated on the grill - served w. yellow mustard. $6 - side of cheese dipping sauce +.75

Classic Cheesy Fries

You choose between  our coated straight fries or seasoned curly fries - topped w. a mix of three cheeses melted. $6


House Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and olives w. your choice of dressing. $6

Gorgonzola Salad

Our house salad topped w. fresh gorgonzola cheese. $9

 Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, herb croutons tossed in parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. $7 - add chicken +3, pulled pork +4, steak +5

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Our house salad topped w. breaded chicken strips tossed in our medium Buffalo sauce. $9

Cobb Salad

Marinated grilled chicken on top of mixed greens w. a sliced hard boiled egg, bacon, avocados, tomatoes, and olives - then topped w. gorgonzola cheese. $10

BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad

Marinated grilled chicken served over mixed greens w. avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled corn and peppers, and topped with fried onions - w. our home-made BBQ Ranch dressing on the side. $11


Crock of Chili

Our house special blend of fresh meats, veggies and spices all come together to make a hearty stick-to-your-ribs chili - served w. homemade corn chips an topped w. onions and cheese. $6

French Onion Soup

Done right - our soup takes over 5 hours to make - topped w. melted Swiss cheese and served w. toast. $6

Chicken Noodle Soup

All made in-house using the freshest ingredients. A terrifically delicious mix of veggies, chicken and noodles. 

Cup. $4


Home-Made Soup of The Day 

Made in-house - these fresh and inventive selections are made to combine the best and freshest ingredients and warm your stomach through the ever changing seasons. Keep a look-out for the new Soup DeJour on the specials board! 

Cup. TBD

Bowl. TBD


-All wraps and burgers come w. your choice of regular fries, or curly fries. Onion rings +1.50. Sweet potato fries +1.50. Half-and-half +1.-

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Marinated grilled chicken w. chopped up Romaine lettuce and croutons mixed together in our Caesar dressing. $9

Pulled Pork Wrap

Made w. our house BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw and three cheese mix - all rolled together. $9

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Breaded chicken strips tossed in our medium Buffalo wing sauce w. lettuce, tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese. $9

Ranch Chicken Wrap

Marinated grilled chicken strips w. lettuce, tomatoes, smoked bacon w. ranch dressing. $9

Smoked Turkey Wrap

Freshly sliced smoked turkey breast w. lettuce, tomatoes, smoked bacon, sliced avocados and mayo. $9


All our burgers are made fresh-to-order everyday using fresh - never frozen - choice beef - grilled to your liking and served on a sesame seed bun w. fries and a pickle.

Cookout Burger

Half pound burger grilled just the way you like it. $8

+Cookout Extras - bacon - caramelized onions - sauteed mushrooms - spicy hot onions -  jalapeños - Cheese choices - American, Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone and Pepper Jack.

Turkey Burger

Fresh and well seasoned turkey burger - make sure to add some extras! $8

Your-Choice Sliders

Hamburger - Cheese Burger - Buffalo Chicken - Pulled Pork - Fresh Turkey - Brisket - Or mix it up! (4) sliders $7 w. fries +$2

Al's Burger

The super-popular 1/2 pound burger topped w. spicy hot onions, sautéed mushrooms, bacon and pepper jack cheese. $10

Al's Build-A-Gut Burger

This is the Al's burger to-the-max - one full pound of meat and everything else stepped into high gear. Enjoy! $15


-All wraps and burgers come w. your choice of regular fries, or curly fries. Onion rings +1.50. Sweet potato fries +1.50. Half-and-half +1.-

The Steak Sandwich

Grilled NY strip steak sliced thin and topped w. caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms served on a garlic bread hoagie.  $11

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Our classic pulled pork made in-house dry rubbed and slow cooked for 15 hours mixed w. our BBQ sauce or our Carolina sauce served on a fresh roll. $9

Philly Cheese Steak

Thinly sliced rib-eye mixed together w. onions and green and red bell peppers all topped w. melted American cheese and served on a hoagie roll. $10

Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast covered in our special blend of Cajun seasoning topped w. bacon, caramelized onions and Swiss cheese served w. lettuce, tomato and mayo. $11

Al's 'Almost Famous' Pulled Pork

Our signature sandwich - BBQ pulled pork topped w. spicy onions, chili, cheddar cheese and coleslaw - served on a garlic bread hoagie garnished w. a pickle and steak knife. $11

The Candlewood Sandwich

Marinated grilled chicken topped w. roasted red peppers and provolone cheese served w. lettuce and tomatoes on a fresh roll. $10

Brisket Sandwich

Always made in-house dry-rubed and slow cooked then thinly sliced and stacked high on a fresh roll. $10

Chicken Sandwich

Marinated grilled chicken breast served in your choice of BBQ or Buffalo style sauce topped w. lettuce and tomato and served on a fresh roll. $9

Chili Cheese Dog

A large all-beef hotdog piled high w. our home-made chili and a three cheese blend. $6


-All dinners come with your choice of two sides and corn bread unless otherwise stated.-


Fresh-made in-house baby back ribs dry rubbed and slow cooked for hours - finished on the grill where it is slathered in our finger-lickin' BBQ sauce.  

Full rack. $15

Half rack. $21

New York Strip*

A thick cut of NY strip steak lightly seasoned and topped w. sherry mushrooms and melted gorgonzola cheese. $19

Half Roasted Chicken

Lightly seasoned herbs and spices, cooked on the grill and brushed w. BBQ sauce. $15


A large portion of our home-made three cheese macaroni and cheese w. our fresh chili mixed in - then we melt some more cheese on top - ya know, for good measure. $15


It's a little bit of all the food stuff - a quarter roasted chicken, half rack of baby back ribs and some of our house pulled pork -  that perfect combination for those of us who can't make up their minds. $21

Fish + Chips

Yuengling beer battered fish deep fried until golden brown served w. fries and one other side of your choice. $17

BBQ Chicken

A true backyard favorite - marinated grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce and cooked on the grill. $15


Our home-made brisket is dry rubbed and slow cooked - then sliced into not so thin cuts and served up tender and juicy. $18


Fries, regular or curly - baked cinnamon apples - mac+cheese - spicy onions - garlic mashed potatoes - corn - veggies - cole slaw - side salad.

Onion rings or sweet potato fries +1.50 - side Caesar salad +1.

Kids Menu

-All kids menus come w. your choice of regular fries, kids salad and apple fries.-

Hot Dog $4

Mac+Cheese $5

Grilled Cheese $5

Hamburger Sliders (2) $6

Chicken Fingers $6